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Ankle Supports and Compression

Model 9580 Nano Flex Ankle Support

The NEW 5-in-1 multi-functional compression support that provides significantly more therapeutic functions than neoprene

  • Negative Ion (Anion)—Enhances body’s natural healing process.
  • Far Infrared Rays—Increases blood circulation & retention of body heat.
  • Odor Free
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Wicks Moisture away from body
Adult sizes—measure ankle circumference.
S 8" — 9"
M 9 1/2" — 10"
L 10 1/2" — 11"
XL 11 1/2" — 13"

Model 329 Ankle Support

  • The high compression sock portion of the brace applies significant but comfortable compression to both the lateral and deltoid ligaments, to help support them in both an inversion and eversion situation.
  • In addition, the permanently attached heel lock design provides a solid strap on both the medial and lateral sides of the ankle, to assist in stabilizing the tibia to the subtalar joint, to help reduce the potential of a ligament strain.
  • The additional 4" wide medial and lateral straps help to anchor the heel lock straps in place, and create solid support that provides additional resistance in helping to prevent an ankle injury.
  • Fits left or right foot
  • Launders great
  • Will not affect shoe sizing

Sizes: Adult XS–XL.

Patent Pending

Available in
White or Black

Style #ASW

  • Fits both the left or right foot
  • Worn over the athlete’s shoe
  • Has the look of a spat taped ankle, but much more effective
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on
  • Can be used over and over
  • Manufactured with durable and easy-to-launder materials
  • Breathes and wicks moisture and perspiration
  • 3 sizes—
    Medium: fits men’s shoe size 8 to 9½
    Large: fits men’s shoe size 10 to 11½
    X-Large: fits men’s shoe size 12 to 13½

Patent Pending

395 Ankle Support

395 Ankle Support

Lace-up design for easy secure feel. Plastic stabilizers add medial and lateral rigidity. Lightweight and breathable. Fits comfortably in shoe and on either ankle.

White or Black

Sizes: S–XL


Model 325 Ankle Support

The 325 Ankle Support is designed to provide excellent support by compressing the ankle complex with the Nylon/Lycra® Spandex sock. Additional support is provided with the two attached straps that are wrapped in opposite directions around the ankle complex and are held firmly in place with hook and loop fasteners. The 325 compresses the ankle enough to easily fit into the athlete’s shoe. Fits either the left or right ankle. Size by ankle circumference.

Sizes: XS (6"–7"), S (7"–8"), M (8"–9.5"), L (9.5"–11"), XL (11"+).


Model 355 Stirrup Lock Ankle Support

Designed by a NFL trainer, the model #355 Heel-Lock Ankle Support design provides the wearer with excellent ankle stability for any athletic competition. The patented ankle lock configuration helps to secure the anklebone to the calcaneous, thereby providing excellent support to help minimize both an eversion or inversion ankle sprain. This product is an excellent and affordable device to use for both preventative and post-injury support. Slips easily and fits comfortably into a shoe. Fits either ankle.

Sizes: S (7–8"), M (8–9.5"), L (9.5–11"), XL (11"+). by ankle circumference.

Patent #4,962,768.


Model 305 Spandex compression and moisture-wicking Ankle Support

Spandex compression supports the entire ankle area. Pulls on like a sock. Fits either ankle.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Model 385 Hard Shell Ankle Support

Adjustable support for those with a chronic problem or who need more protection. Padded formed-plastic supports help prevent both inversion and eversion. Lightweight, non-bulky. Fits easily into shoe. Order right or left foot.

Colors: Black only.

Sizr: One-size-fits-all.

Patent #4,966,134.

Model 705 Neoprene Ankle Support (1/8" Fabric on one side)

Fits comfortably into shoe. Fits left or right ankle.

Sizes: (7"–8"), M (8"–9"), L (9"–11"), XL (11" and up).

Model 1705T Ankle Support (1/8" Cotton Terry Cloth Lined)

Model 1705 Ankle Support (1/8" Double Sided Nylon)

Model 1910 Neoprene Adjustable Ankle Support

Fits left or right ankle. Velcro® attachment. Extended coverage wraps around ankle or under arch for extra support.