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Model 190 and 190SP Knee Protectors
Warning: Football and other contact sports are inherently dangerous and may result in serious injuries or even death. The Stromgren® Knee Protector is designed to help reduce or prevent knee injuries from lateral blow. However, no brace can prevent all knee injuries and there is no guarantee that knee injuries will be prevented through use of this equipment.
Affordable protection to help reduce both injuries and the severity of an injury to the MCI ligament from lateral pressure. Both the Model 190 and 190SP have been used continuously for 20 years by numerous professional and major college teams.
Designed to absorb and dissipate blows to the lateral side of the knee complex helping to reduce pressure to the MCL. The slotted pivot points allow full range of motion with no restriction to impair the athlete’s ability to run or move laterally.
The Lycra® Spandex straps with silicone are designed to hold the brace so that there is no downward migration while being worn.
Model 190 Knee Protector
Made with a larger top paddle for the taller, bigger athlete. Packaged one pair per package with straps. If ordering a single item, specify left or right knee, weight 8 ounces.
Model 190SP Knee Protector
Both top and bottom paddles are the same size. Brace is 2" shorter than the Model 190. Packaged two per package with straps, weight 7 ounces. Fits left or right knee.
Model 190RS Replacement Straps
For Models 190 and 190SP. A set includes one top strap and one bottom strap. One set per package.
Model 190MBP Middle Bar Replacement Kit
Kit comes complete with self-adhesive Velcro® Loop strip and the bar pad with sewn-on Velcro® hook for quick and simple replacement. Each kit comes with instructions.