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Hamstring and Hip Support System

The Stromgren® Hamstring, Groin and Hip Flexor System is designed with a neoprene liner in the back of each leg of the compression short. The neoprene, along with the compression from the short, helps to keep the athlete’s hamstring muscles warm by holding the natural body heat next to the skin.

Hamstring Illustration

1530S-2 Shown with Hamstring and Quad Support Strap

1530S-2 Hamstring and Hip Support System

  • Hamstring and quad support.
  • Hip flexor and groin stability.
  • Detachable and adjustable straps maintain consistent pressure and will not change positions or come loose during any athletic activity.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Easy to use.
  • Machine wash and dry.
  • Available for men and women in white and black.

1530S-2 Shown with Hip and Groin Support Strap

Hamstring and Quad Application

  1. Detachable 6-inch strap can be easily attached and wrapped by the wearer around the thigh and quad areas.
  2. 1530SHTP Hammy with Straps, Hip and Tail Pads
  3. Wearer can adjust the amount of pressure on either the hamstring or quad muscles.
  4. 6-inch strap can be positioned up and down to apply pressure at exactly where it is needed.
  5. Available with integrated hip and tail pads for football or lacrosse.
  6. Both the straps and the compression short are moisture-wicking and anti‑microbial.

1530SHTP Hammy with
Straps, Hip and Tail Pads

Hip Flexor and Groin Support

  1. Detachable 4-inch strap can be attached to either the front or back of the wearer’s leg, and can be pulled in various configurations to help support the groin muscles and also apply pressure to help stabilize the hip complex.
  2. The 4-inch strap is designed to wrap around the athlete’s waist, and is anchored to both hips with Velcro fasteners. This design keeps the straps from becoming loose during any activity, regardless of the length of time it is being worn.
  3. Strap system allows for different, but constant levels of pressure to be applied to specific areas of the anatomy.
  4. Both the straps and the compression short are anti‑microbial and moisture-wicking.

Stock Colors: Black & White.

Custom Colors: Not Available

Stock Sizes: Adult S-4XL

Youth Not Available.